CNA and HCA theory questions

1: Psychosocial needs include the following:
A: ~ Bathing
B: ~ Activity
C: ~ Sleep and rest
D: ~ Love and affection
2: If a client asks a question you cannot answer, the best response is to:
A: ~ Tell the client you will ask another aide
B: ~ Ask the charge nurse to talk to the client
C: ~ Call the doctor to talk to the client
D: ~ Tell the client that you cannot answer the question.
3: Which is a psychological factor that can affect elimination?
A: ~ Stress, anger and fear increase peristalsis
B: ~ Depression decreases peristalsis
C: ~ Lack of privacy can affect elimination
D: ~ All of the above
4: An infection of the lungs usually treated with antibiotics to reduce congestion and inflammation is:
A: ~ Heart attack
B: ~ Pneumonia
C: ~ Urinary tract infection
D: ~ High blood pressure
5: The nurse aide does not like working with another staff member. The BEST thing for the nurse aide to do is:
A: ~ Complain about the staff member to other nurse aides.
B: ~ Tell clients that staff member is not good worker
C: ~ Ignore the problem and hope it goes away
D: ~ Talk to the staff member and try to work out the problem.
6: What is the term for a device used to take the place of a missing body part?
A: ~ Pronation
B: ~ Abduction
C: ~ External rotation
D: ~ Prosthesis
7: The radial pulse is located in the:
A: ~ Wrist
B: ~ Neck
C: ~ Foot
D: ~ Temple
8: What do you put on a client before you transfer him or her?
A: ~ Spike heel shoes
B: ~ Non-skid footwear
C: ~ A gown
D: ~ Gloves
9: Range of motion exercises moves each muscle and joint. The purpose of these exercises includes all of the following EXCEPT:
A: ~ To increase circulation
B: ~ To improve strength
C: ~ To cause pain
D: ~ To prevent contractures
10: Which of the following is an example of objective information?
A: ~ “Mrs. Johnson says she has a rash on her torso.”
B: ~ “There are raised, red marks the size of pinpricks on Mrs. Johnson’s torso.”
C: ~ “Mrs. Johnson must have a rash because she looks uncomfortable.”
D: ~ “Mrs. Johnson needs some lotion.”