Nurse Assistant and Home Care Aide Questions

CNA and HCA theory questions

1: It you are assisting a resident with ADL’s, you are helping with:
A: ~ Activities of daily living.
B: ~ Activities during leisure
C: ~ Proper alignment.
D: ~ AM care.
2: When providing care for a resident, the nursing assistant should:
A: ~ Talk to other staff members
B: ~ Provide privacy for the resident
C: ~ Tell the resident about other residents’ conditions
D: ~ Discuss her personal problems if the resident asks about them
3: Mrs. Velasco is a new resident at Summer hill Retirement Home. Simon, a nursing assistant, is giving her a bath before bedtime. He notices that she seems to have difficulty speaking English and seems nervous. What can Simon do to make her more comfortable?
A: ~ Give her advice about how to fit in better with American culture
B: ~ Finish her sentences for her so that she will not have to speak
C: ~ Use some words and phrases that he is familiar with in her language
D: ~ Avoid speaking to her while giving care
4: The normal respiration rate for adults ranges from:
A: ~ 18-30 breaths per minute
B: ~ 15-25 breaths per minute
C: ~ 12-20 breaths per minute
D: ~ 25-35 breaths per minute
5: Cleansers and disinfectants should be:
A: ~ At the nurses station.
B: ~ Kept in open cupboards
C: ~ Locked in storage areas
D: ~ Kept in handy locations.
6: Which of the following statements is true of long-term care?
A: ~ People with terminal illnesses do not live in long-term care facilities
B: ~ Most conditions in long-term care facilities are chronic
C: ~ People who live in long-term care facilities are never able to return home
D: ~ Long-term care takes place in a person’s home
7: A client complains that arthritis is causing pain when he cuts his food. What should the nurse aide do to encourage independence in eating?
A: ~ Cut the food and feed the client.
B: ~ Insist that the client eat the meal without help.
C: ~ Cut the food and urge the client to use the special eating utensils
D: ~ Ask dietary department to puree the client’s food.
8: Which of the following is not an example of neglect?
A: ~ Failure to give assigned care.
B: ~ Giving improper care.
C: ~ Not following the care plan.
D: ~ Taking vital signs.
9: What is the primary goal of hospice care?
A: ~ Rehabilitation
B: ~ Restoration of abilities after injury or illness
C: ~ Giving comfort to those who have terminal illnesses
D: ~ Medical research
10: Which member of the care team diagnoses disease and prescribes treatment?
A: ~ Resident
B: ~ Nursing assistant (NA)
C: ~ Dietitian (RD)
D: ~ Physician (MD)