Nurse Assistant and Home Care Aide Questions

CNA and HCA theory questions

1: A nursing assistant can show that he is listening carefully to a resident by:
A: ~ Looking away when a resident talks
B: ~ Changing the subject often
C: ~ Rolling her eyes when the resident says something she doesn’t agree with
D: ~ Responding to the resident when it’s appropriate
2: What is the primary goal of hospice care?
A: ~ Rehabilitation
B: ~ Restoration of abilities after injury or illness
C: ~ Giving comfort to those who have terminal illnesses
D: ~ Medical research
3: What is the definition of shock?
A: ~ Loss of sensation
B: ~ Shut down of the cardiovascular system.
C: ~ Heart attack.
D: ~ Point of view.
4: To BEST communicate with a client who is totally deaf, the nurse aide should:
A: ~ Smile frequently and speak loudly
B: ~ Smile often and talk rapidly.
C: ~ Avoid eye contact.
D: ~ Write out information.
5: If a person is hearing impaired:
A: ~ Get the person’s attention before talking
B: ~ Scold the person for not wearing a hearing aid
C: ~ Shout
D: ~ Avoid talking to the person
6: Call lights should be placed:
A: ~ Near the door of the resident’s room
B: ~ In a common area of the floor
C: ~ Within reach of the resident
D: ~ In any location that is convenient
7: The pulse measures:
A: ~ Respiration
B: ~ Blood pressure
C: ~ Heart rate
D: ~ Activity
8: A client wants to be alone with her husband. The nurse aide’s BEST response is to:
A: ~ Ask the client for an explanation.
B: ~ Provide privacy for the client
C: ~ Tell the client the nurse aide will check on her in five minutes.
D: ~ Leave the door to the client’s room open for safety.
9: If a client is angry or upset, you should:
A: ~ Try to learn the reason for the behavior
B: ~ Stay out of the client’s room
C: ~ Pay no attention to the client
D: ~ Tell the client that you will come back later
10: Which of the following statements about observing mentally ill residents is true?
A: ~ A nursing assistant does not need to report a comment about suicide if it is a joke.
B: ~ A nursing assistant needs to report changes in personality.
C: ~ Withdrawal does not need to be reported.
D: ~ A nursing assistant does not need to report an imagined physical symptom.